Saturday, May 17, 2014

School Break!

I made it.  School is finished for the summer.  This was without question one of the most challenging semesters I can remember.  Governmental Accounting was actually less interesting than it sounds, if you can possibly imagine, and the math class I thought would be fairly easy turned out to be a hellish nightmare of "math" that I'm fairly certain is only ever used and practiced in this particular math class.  Example from one of my homework assignments:  "If Christmas is on December 6th, then 8 is an even number."  True or False.  Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  That's not math.  That's just Hell.

With that said, I still managed to do well in all three classes, but I need a break.

So what do I do when I need a break?  I read.  And what do I read when my favorite author is publishing a new addition to my favorite series?  I read the whole damn series AGAIN because I have a very serious problem.  This is (I think) my fifth time reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series from start to finish.  I think there are probably about 6,000+/- pages since each book averages near 1000 pages and there are seven of them.  Not including the series of "short stories" that accompany them, which I likely won't read unless I have time before the June 10th publication date.  I had thought I would just read the first book in the series and then the last book in the series.  But, like I said, I have a very serious problem and I find myself nearly halfway through the third book with no signs of stopping.  Fortunately, my son has become obsessed with Legos and can sit happily for a good hour or so building castles and houses and playing with the little Lego figures.  This makes me feel considerably less guilty about ignoring him while I indulge myself in complete and utter escapism.  Ahhhh, the powers of a good book.

Once I finish the series, and the new release out in a few weeks (and yes, I'm actually contemplating taking a personal day on the release date to I can try to inhale the new book as fast as humanly possible...I have a VERY serious problem), I have quite a few summer projects to tackle.  Mainly, painting the trim around the new windows, which I have managed to put off since November, and cleaning, which I have managed to put off since...well...let's just say it's pretty dusty in here and leave it at that.  Plus we need to squeeze in as much island time as possible while it's beach weather. Summer in Maine is just never long enough to get everything done, especially when your favorite hobby is sitting in the sun reading and not doing the items on your summer project list.

Oh well, it will all get done at some point, especially the reading.  Priorities you know...

Happy Summer!