Sunday, June 1, 2014


Today was about as perfect as it gets.  Morning chores indoors, while the air was still a little chilly, and the rest of the day spent outside in the sun.  Perfection.  Ben and I finished planting veggies in the garden, planted some Lily of the Valley in the yard and set up our white-trash patio.  (White trash patio consisting of a beat up picnic table, four decent looking lawn chairs and the grill all artistically arranged in our driveway.  Classy, I know.)  When that was finished we filled the pool.  And of course I'm talking about a kidding wading pool because we obviously aren't classy enough for any other sort.  Ben and his Ninja Turtles has a blast fighting off bad guys in the high seas.  We spent time on the swings, the trampoline and playing Care Bear hide-and-seek.  (Don't ask.  I played Care Bear hide-and-seek and I still can't even tell you what it was.)  We ended the day with hot dogs and turkey burgers on the grill and a few sparklers.  While I won't say that days like today make the long freezing cold winter worth it, I will say that it makes me appreciate the beautiful days more.

Yay for summertime!