Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Hunting

My son has leprechaun fever.  I'm not sure why he has chosen to become obsessed with leprechauns, but he has, and it's kind of hilarious.

This week at daycare a leprechaun snuck into the house and left some sneaky footprints on the kids' snack table and turned the milk for their cheerios green.  Since then, my son has been obsessed with this leprechaun.

I came home Tuesday night after class, when he as supposed to be in bed already, and got dragged upstairs to hear all about the leprechaun.  Ben was very concerned that Ms. Holly needed to catch it fast so it doesn't turn our milk green.  He was also very determined that once this sneaky leprechaun was caught, he was going to make a little bed for it and buy it some green shoes so it would play toys with him.

Yesterday we spent our whole car ride hunting for the leprechaun which, oddly enough, we never spotted.  While I was at work, Ben convinced his Dad to build him a leprechaun trap.  Said trap consisted of a cardboard box propped up with a plate of cheerios underneath.  Apparently, this wasn't enough to please Ben.  He woke up this morning and insisted that Dad's best friend Tim build him a bigger trap.  Good call on Ben's part, since Tim is an engineer and a propped up box and cheerios is a pretty lame trap, even to a three year old.

Since St. Patty's day is this weekend, I've got to admit that I'm dying to buy the kid a box of Lucky Charms to celebrate with.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't had Lucky Charms since I was twelve...nope...nothing to do with that.  I might just have to send this leprechaun a note and ask him to leave a box in the leprechaun trap.  You know...for Ben to enjoy....

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