Friday, February 17, 2012

Week In Review (Don't Fall Asleep!)

All week I've been waiting for something to happen that would inspire me to blog.  Nope.  Not a thing.  Well, that's not exactly true, but some of the things going on right now aren't blogging material.  So, I thought I would just give a little week in review, just for something to do.

Monday was apparently so uneventful that I can't actually remember a single thing from that day.  Yikes.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, and my wonderful husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of two dozen yellow roses and a gift card for more Kindle books.  (Which is probably part of the reason I haven't done anything of note this week, I've been glued to my Kindle...) It was very sweet of him, and completely caught me off guard since he'd used money I wasn't aware he had to make his purchases...very sneaky.  As a treat I made a good ol' man meal for the family that night, steak and potatoes, a rarity in this house!  We never eat steak.  So all the boys were very happy.  Except Ben, who might end up being a vegetarian.  He seriously hates meat.

Wednesday was again very uneventful.  I made taco pie.  Delicious, but not really an event to write home about, or a blog about for that matter...

Thursday was a work day.  I did book work all morning, housework all afternoon, and then I worked at the bar in the evening.  Our pellet stove stopped working in the afternoon, so Don had to make a stop for some new parts, but it was an easy fix and our stove is back up and running, well not running all that much since it is apparently spring time this week, not mid-February.  (Not complaining...I promise.)

Today, much like the rest of the week has been uneventful.  A nice lazy morning, thanks to my little dude who didn't want to get up this morning, and some plans to go splash in some puddles as soon as I'm done writing.

Now that you are all caught up on my boring mid-February week, let's hope something interesting happens this weekend.  Otherwise, you're going to be stuck reading a boring weekend wrap-up come Monday.  (insert snore here)

Happy Friday!

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