Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something New and Exciting!

Well, it has been a really eventful couple of weeks for me.  And since things finally look like they are falling in to place, I thought I'd share!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here that I'm planning on going back to school in the fall, but I am.  It's official.  I'm all signed up for classes at York County Community College for their Associates Degree in Accounting.  Why accounting?  Well, I've been doing some basic bookkeeping for several years now for the office I was working at before Ben was born.  I like doing it and I like that I can do it from home.  I don't like that I don't know everything about what I'm doing.  I can't take on anymore clients, because my skills are limited to the type of business I'm familiar with and the day to day work that I do for them.  I'm hoping that with more education I will be able to take on more challenging work, for the company I'm working with, and possibly other small companies.  It's also a handy degree to have when I decide I'm ready to go back to work full time.

Which brings me to my other interesting news, I have a new job! 

A month ago a very sweet lady I know came to me saying how she wished I was a little bit more experienced in accounting so she could hire me at her office.  At this point I had already applied to YCCC for the accounting program and was very frustrated that the timing didn't work out better so I would have some of the experience she was looking for.  Well, a few weeks ago she approached me again saying she had an entry level position available...might I be interested?

To make a long story short, I applied, was interviewed, and hopefully will be starting next week.  It's a part time position right now, but with opportunities for more if I am interested.

So, Ben will be adding a few extra days of daycare to his schedule, which I'm sure he's going to be thrilled about.  He loves playing with other kids and is always upset when he has to leave Ms. Holly's house.  I'll still be waitressing a few nights a week, since that doesn't interfere much with my time with Ben and I like working where I am right now.  (Also, if you've ever waited tables you know how hard it is to give up that cash flow...ugh!)  School will start in the fall and my current schedule consists of a night class, an online class, and two classes on Saturday mornings.  Manageable from a scheduling perspective...hopefully doable from the homework perspective...I guess we'll see!

It amazed me how things just kind of lined up once I made the decision to go back to school.  It was definitely a good sign that I'm making the right decision.  Here's to a new chapter in my "Real Life"!

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