Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Did It!!

Well, I did it.  I finally planted vegetable gardens.  This is a really big deal for me.  I've wanted a vegetable garden for years, since we were still living in Limerick.  Every spring I would start planning and talking and trying to convince my husband that "this" was the year.  And every year May would turn to June, and then July, and a garden wouldn't be built and I would have to abandon the plan.

Not this year.  I was determined to have a garden.  My husband didn't see how we'd get all the materials to fit in the car, where was all the dirt coming from, etc, etc...  But, thanks to my book, I convinced him we could fit 4 foot lengths of wood in the car and we'd buy all the dirt in bags, and, sure enough, we got all the materials here without incident.

So Monday, the day scheduled for yard work, I started.  I originally thought building the raised bed gardens would be my husband's job, but since he was busy with another project I decided to start on my own, and, to my surprise, it wasn't that hard to do.  I built two (slightly crooked) boxes all by myself with the help of a drill.  (I'm pretty proud of myself!)  Don did help me mix the dirt and fill the boxes (and I have to say, the dirt we made is really excellent!).  I finished by building the grids to mark the box into one foot squares and then planting the seeds and seedlings in the squares.  I finally did it!  I built them, I filled them, I planted them, and with a little luck, I will finally have veggies this summer!

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