Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Chatter-Box

I was pretty amazed when Ben started learning how to talk before his first birthday.  One little word at a time.  You could see his little brain working trying to repeat the sounds we were making, and connecting them to objects.

As cool as that was, watching him learn to talk now has me completely floored.  He's a talking machine!  It's amazing!  Even the change since his second birthday, when he was stringing together a couple of words at a time and had a pretty extensive vocabulary of nouns, is extraordinary!  He's starting to be a little parrot and repeats words and phrases that we say to him, whether he understands what we're saying or not.  (And yes, this is SERIOUSLY dangerous stuff, as I've caught myself saying non-two year old appropriate words and heard them repeated back to me.  Ooops.)  (Also, this is seriously HILARIOUS, like teaching him to tell Don that "Ben is one and Daddy is old."  Hehehehehe).

He's also learning verbs and adjectives which makes his conversations much more fun.  And he's getting the hang of putting together sentences and telling stories.  It's pretty amazing.  And really, really, funny.

Today I propped him up on the couch because he was leaning on me and I was going to get up: "Mom, no push me!"  "I didn't push you."  "No push me, that mean."

Or Tuesday when I went to get my haircut and he felt to need to tell my hairdresser about the turkey in my garden.  "Bad Tur-tey.  Bad Tur-tey in Mom's garden.  No Tur-tey.  Go Away."

Or Monday when he found a picture of himself from his first birthday party.  "That Ben!  Mom, where Ben's hair go?"  (He was still rather bald at one.)

This developing language thing has me completely amazed, and everyday he learns something new.  A new word, a new phrase, a new animal sound, etc...  I'm so fortunate that he's picking this up easily, and I'm so fortunate that I'm with him so much to watch him and help him learn.  I'm a pretty lucky mom!

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