Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now I'm a REAL Grown Up!

We brought the new car home last night.  I really like it, but I'm still trying to remain loyal to my good ol' car-car and not become too attached too quickly.  But it's hard.  It's a pretty sweet car.  It has working air conditioning and heat.  (I don't think I've had ac for at LEAST five years in my civic, and the heat has recently become "intermittent.")  It has also has the "LATCH" carseat hook ups which my civic didn't have.  Let me just tell you that it makes getting the carseat in and out of my car at least 4000 times easier.  It's AMAZING.  Gotta love ten year old technology....

And may I just say that the pockets on the back of the seats to hold books and toys nearly brought me to tears?  That's right, I'm pretty easy to please.  Who needs leather seats and blue tooth when you can have pockets to hold toys and crap??

As for the sound system, well let me just say that I am going to be rocking the cassette deck pretty damn hard.  (Ok, it has a cd player too, which I will probably be rocking harder, but I'm going to start hunting The Goodwill for some early 90s cassette tapes.  Boyz II Men anyone??  Maybe some Hanson?  You're damn right....)  I might also add it is pretty sweet not to have blown speakers for a without buzzing and rattling?  BONUS!

And then of course there are the two bonus luxuries....keyless entry....and heated seats.  Seriously, it's like I'm ACTUALLY a grown up! 

Now we didn't buy the car for these reasons, it has a pretty good track record for being a reliable, safe car that will hold its value well and should let us put quite a few miles on it too, which was much more important than a rockin' cassette deck.  And while I'm really, really excited about it, I'm also a little nervous.  It's not as good on gas as my car was, which I'm not really thrilled about, and I'm not sure how it will compare when it comes to maintenance.  My Civic didn't require a whole lot at all, so I guess we'll just have to hope for the best.

Today I moved all the important stuff over to the new car...carseat, ice scrapers, toll money, stroller....and I discovered my old car is still full of stuff....hmmmm, guess I've collected a bit of junk in it....oops.   Hopefully I can keep the new one clean....for a while....

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