Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Bit of a Funk

I'm not having a great week.  And it's only Tuesday.

We had an excellent weekend, but thanks to a few irresponsible moves by my teenage stepson, the highlights were overshadowed by some pretty unfortunate events, one of them being that my indoor cat ran away and hasn't been seen since.  I called the shelter today and left my contact information, but she hasn't been dropped off there.  I've heard lots of stories about cats running away for weeks before making their way home, so I'm not giving up hope quite yet, but I'm also not terribly optimistic.

I'm also still not fully adjusted to working in Portland part-time.  It's proving to be a lot harder for me to be away from Ben than I thought.  I really like my job though, I'm just having a hard time getting into a rhythm due to the chopped up way my weeks have been shaping up, and I know it's rough for Ben too, which makes me feel even worse about the situation.

Hopefully having the day off tomorrow will help.  If the weather cooperates I'd like to take Ben berry picking.  Berries and whipped cream is one of his favorite snacks and I'd love to spend some one-on-one with him.  Unfortunately, I also have a mountain of paperwork to do too, but I think that's just going to have to wait until Thursday.  If I'm going to get my week straightened out and on the right track, I think I need a little time with Ben.  I hope he's up for spending some time with Mom!

Cheese Face!
(It's pretty much impossible not to miss this guy!)

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  1. Time with a child can give us the perspective and the peace we most need. I hope this is what you receive on your day with Ben tomorrow!! I'm going to say a prayer addressed to St. Anthony (Finder of lost things) and to St. Francis (caretaker of animals) for you. I hope your kitty comes home soon. <3