Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yakity Yak

I think my kid talks too much.

We took the cat to the vets today to get a check up and some shots after her foray in the wild.  We walked in the door and Ben became motor mouth. 

"Mom, I sit here.  Mom, now I sit here.  Mom, I read this book.  Mom, that toy scares me.  Mom, that cat napping.  Mom, that a chicken."  Yak, yak, yak.  One of the ladies behind the desk commented on how well he speaks for his age.  She's right, he speaks really well; and an awful lot.

When we went in to the exam room it didn't stop.

"Mom, what Scoutie doing?  Why Scoutie scared?  I count the cats?  Mom, I count the cats again? "

Even when trying to talk to the vet about what happened to Scout and which vaccines to get her now.

"Mom, that a hole in the wall?  What that hole doing?  Mom, I sit up here now?  Mom, I open that door?"


And in the middle of the administering of Scout's shots, Ben (loudly) announced that he could see "Scoutie's Bum."

And now I know my mother got what she wished for.  I have a kid that's just like me....

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