Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Quiet Little Wednesday

Well, I did some counting.  And I'm not going to make my goal for the year of reading 100 books.  I was off to an amazing start, but the addition of a second part time job and then school has crippled my ability to read anything.  Which is very frustrating.  I also set the goal to read five Jane Austen books.  I've done three so far, and while I probably could read two more, I'm not exactly sure that's how I want to spend my precious reading time for the next couple of months.

So frustrating. 

I spent the day at home today with Ben who has a cold.  He's not that sick, but I didn't want to send him to daycare to cough on all the other kids.  Plus I don't like it when he's sick, and I want to be the one taking care of him.  Since it was a very laid back day, I managed to get quite a bit of my homework done.  So much, in fact, that I've found time to write this blog and contemplate starting a book.

Unfortunately I still have roughly one million things on my to-do list for today, so starting a book is probably not going to happen quite yet.  But while I've been thinking today, I've also been thinking about my blog.  Next month is NaBloPoMo, (National Blog Posting Month) which I participated in last year.  I really, really enjoyed it last year.  But last year I was only working one job and I wasn't in school.  I just don't know if I have enough hours in the day to devote a piece of each day to writing on my blog.  I know I'd like to.  Last year I felt pretty proud of myself after making it to December 1st having written something each day.

So I don't know, I'm still thinking.  Should I do it, should I skip it?  I just hate to add one more thing to my list of "Didn't quite happen this year."  But then, is it better to add something to that list than to the "Man I wish I'd tried that list?"


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