Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Ready for a Hurricane

Kyla's Hurricane Preparedness Check List:

-Find Flashlights
-Test Flashlights
-Put Flashlight Batteries on Shopping List
-Wash Hair
-Shave Legs
-Pick Up Generator from Mom's House
-Go To Walmart
-Wish No One Else Was at Walmart*
-Buy More Batteries
-Buy Lamp Oil
-Buy Chips
-Buy Extension Cords
-Set Up Generator
-Buy Gas for Generator
-Buy (more) Gas for Car
-Buy (more) Chips
-Consolidate Freezers
-Add Bags of Water to Freezer to keep frozen food cold longer
-Wash Dishes
-Load Dishwasher
-Vacuum Floors
-Wash 8,000 Loads of Laundry
-Curse Small Child who keeps making more laundry
-Give Husband and Teenager Hair Cuts
-Do All Office Work
-Print Out Homework for Week
-Eat All Sweets in Fridge that could go bad without power
-Blog, because the power is going to be going out for a while...

*Just a thought Walmart: perhaps if you had a smaller "lounge/sleepwear department" less people would actually wear "lounge/sleepwear" while shopping at your store.  I have, in fact, seen a woman wearing two piece pink floral pajamas while shopping at Walmart.  With slippers.  And a purse.

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