Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blabber Mouth

Have I mentioned lately that my kid is adorable?  He's turned into quite a chatter box (wonder who he got that from...oops!) and as a result is pretty damn funny to listen to.

He talks to his trains:

"Uh oh Thomas, Percy bump you!  CRASH!  Oh no!  Don't worry Thomas I save you!"

He talks about his friends:

"Mom, Baby Logan loves me."  "He does, why?"  "Because I'm his friend, Mom."

He talks about monsters:

"Mom, there's a monster on the house."  "There is?"  "Yup, it's a green-blue-red one.  It's a red one."

And then he just talks:

"Mom, don't worry about me, I ok."

"WAIT A MINUTE!  I forgot my vitamins!"

"WAIT A MINUTE!  I show you something mom."

"Ben it's time to eat dinner."  "Mom, I caaannnn'tttt waaaannnntt to eat me dinner."

"Mom, it stinks in here."  "I know buddy, it's a bathroom, shhhhh."  "Mom it stinks."  "Shhhh."  "Mom, you pee?  GOOD JOB!!  You want a jelly bean?"  (This conversation took place in a very PUBLIC bathroom.)

"Mom, I'm not handsome.  I'm Ben."

Ok, so I understand if you don't find all of the above the most hilarious things you've ever heard, but I'm telling you, my kid is a riot! 

Yesterday we took him to the Fryeburg Fair to see the animals.  He was pretty excited and pretty impressed.  He loved the cows and the draft horses, he liked the sheep and goats, thought the chickens were cool, but noisy, and loved the little bunny rabbits.  Then we waited for a very, very long time in the line to go in and pet the baby animals.  Which was probably the high light of the afternoon:

As you can see, he had a great time!


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