Monday, February 14, 2011

Daffodils Melt When Frozen

It's Valentine's Day! My husband and I don't usually go crazy for Valentine's day, we get each other a card, we buy chocolates for each other, and I usually get a bouquet of flowers. And because I usually get flowers, I always give my husband a hard time about whether or not they will be living this year.

My favorite flowers are daffodils and they are usually available in stores around Valentine's day. Several years ago my wonderful husband stopped on his way home from work the night before Valentine's day and bought me a bouquet of daffodils to go with the Peanut M&Ms and card he also picked up. Hoping to surprise me in the morning, he left the daffodils in the car overnight. In Maine, in February, this was not a wise decision. The next morning the poor little daffodils were frozen solid and as they thawed they pretty near melted away. All I could do was laugh. I tried to salvage a few, but they were really quite a dismal looking bunch of flowers.

I know, I know, it's the thought that counts, and I gave him credit for remembering my favorite flower, and trying to surprise me, but every year, and for every flower giving occasion, I remind him to take the flowers out of the car!

(And for the record, this Valentine's Day I woke up to some beautiful LIVING pink roses waiting in the kitchen for me! Thank you Don, I love you!)

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