Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me Time

Today was a busy, yet uneventful day. In order to go to my hair appointment without a nosey, wiggly one year old, I had to drive him to Portland to leave him with my husband. While that sounds like a relatively simple task, it involved an entire morning of coordination to go off smoothly. Ben had to take a morning nap long enough for me to shower, then he had to be awake just long enough before we left to want to sleep in the car, but not too long that he would end up hungry. Lunch had to be packed, dogs taken care of, and bookwork packed up to drop at the office. Miraculously, the stars aligned and we got out of the house nearly on time.

We ran our errands smoothly, had a nice lunch and made it to the office for Ben's drop off with time to spare. Then it was me time. A nice new haircut, volume on the radio cranked up, singing like a diva all the way home. My day may have been uneventful, and rather uninspiring to blog about, but man doesn't it feel nice to have some me time!!

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