Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Love You Diana Gabaldon

Today's blog is going to be devoted to two of my favorite people of all time.  Jamie and Claire.  If only they really existed.  So perhaps it should be devoted to their creator, Diana Gabaldon, the genius behind the Outlander series.  The best series of books ever written, in my humble opinion.

The premise sounds a bit ridiculous, Claire time travels from 1940s post-war England to 1740s Scotland via some magic rocks.  Ok, it sounds really ridiculous.  BUT, once the time travel actually happens you get to meet Jamie Fraser and then the whole book could be about aliens or vampires or bunny rabbits eating jelly beans and you wouldn't care so long as Jamie was there in his kilt with his sword and his Scottish accent.  (sigh)  How can you fall in love with a character in a book that you can't see or hear speak his wonderful accent?  I don't know.  But you can.  I don't know anyone that has read these books that hasn't fallen madly in love with Jamie Fraser.

But I think I'm selling Claire a bit short.  Sure, I'm jealous of her, since she is married to Jamie Fraser and, well, she exists in the fictional world with him while I, sadly, do not.  But, Claire is an amazing woman.  She's hilarious, brave, pretty (but not so pretty you want to hate her) and brilliant.  Outlander is told from her perspective and she is an amazing narrator.  I've had dreams in which I actually was Claire, that's how much I admire her.

So it must sound strange that I'm talking about these characters from books as though they were actual people.  That is why Diana Gabaldon is such an amazing writer.  Her characters are so alive, so believable.  Sure, the storyline is pure fiction (dare I say science fiction even?) but the details and the history she includes washes that all out and you are left with just these characters that you wish you could meet.  She's great, her books are great, and Jamie and Claire are great.

Needless to say, if you are looking for some summer reading, I highly recommend you pick up the series.  But let me warn you, there are seven books in the series so far, and only a few are less than a thousand pages.  Unless you read like I do (ignoring everything and everyone until you are done reading) plan on being hooked for several months to a year.  And yes, some of the middle books are a bit slow, but persevere because Jamie and Claire and their story are worth it.

My dream:  Diana Gabaldon will come on a book tour to Portland so I can meet her and tell her I love her, and Jamie, and Claire.  Perhaps the next best thing:  Diana Gabaldon reads my blog.  :)  (A girl can dream!)


  1. I am going to have to check this out sometime. I am so looking forward to summer which sadly is the only time of the year that I break away from the novels I teach to explore new titles. But I absolutely LOVE books involving time travel and this alone makes me want to explore this book that has you proclaiming your love for its author!

  2. I'm on The Fiery Cross (#4). I read the first 3 in quick succession and I've had to read this one in fits and spurts. Still love the story but Jamie and Claire just can't ever catch a break!