Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My New (pathetic) Addiction: Coupons

Oh dear.  I didn't mean for this to happen.  It started so innocently.  Coupons?  Nah, I don't have time for that.  They won't save me that much money anyway, will they?  Then it slowly progressed.  Diaper coupons?  For the generic Target Brand diapers that I prefer to use?  Sure, why not.  I wouldn't mind saving $1.50 on a case of diapers.  But I'm not going to get all caught up in it.  Now I find myself with a copy of the Sunday paper, a giant envelope stuffed with coupons, an extra 20 minutes tacked onto each shopping trip as I try to hunt down some deals and a timer set to record "Extreme Couponing" on my DVR.  It appears I've become addicted.  Addicted to saving money!!!

It's the thrill of the hunt that gets me.  Combining this deal with that coupon, adding in a store coupon to maximize my savings.  It becomes practically free!!  And I've prided myself on not getting so caught up that I find myself with seven tubes of denture paste and twenty jars of olives, just because they were on sale.  Instead, I've bought only things that we've needed or use frequently.  I've saved nearly $100 in the last month with my coupons.  That's a lot of money people!!!  And the thrill at discovering I could combine a $1.50 toothpaste coupon with an in store $1.00 coupon to get a tube of toothpaste for 75 cents....PRICELESS!

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