Monday, April 11, 2011

A Very Big Deal

This weekend a very important event happened:  My car hit 250,000 miles. 

(Ok, maybe it's not THAT big an event.)  I'd been waiting for this to happen for months.  It's not just the excitement of watching all the little numbers flip over, although that is really cool to watch, it's the relationship I've had with my car for the past nine years.  Nine years!  That's a long time to own the same car!  I've had my car longer than I've been with my husband!  Sure, I've had my moments of frustration with it, like when the entire exhaust line fell off when I was driving home from work and when both back door handles completely stopped working last summer, but overall, I've been really happy with good ol' Car Car.  She's good on gas, in her prime she was getting 37+ miles per gallon, though she's currently acting like a little fuel hog at the moment and can barely make it to 32 mpg (I'm sure I'm overdue on some sort of maintenance).  She's held up to the daily trips to Portland when I worked in the city, numerous boat rides over to the island, and even a fender bender (at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, not me!).  Sure, she's getting rusty, and she purrs less like a kitten and more like an asthmatic bull dog, but she gets me from point A to point B with little more than a sputtering cough.  How can you ask for more from a dear old friend like that? 

Thank you Honda, for making the 1998 Blue/Gray Civic that I call Car Car.

(Yes I know my check engine light is on!  It's been on for the last eight years!)

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  1. Congrats on the miles Kyla, but that fender-bender was not my fault, I swear!