Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So, have you seen the episode of Family Guy where Stewie is bugging Lois by repeating "Mumma, Mumma, mom, mom, mommy, mama, mama..." for about five minutes and when she finally snaps and yells "WHAT?" he says, "Hi" and runs off giggling....well that's my life right about now.

I wake up to "Mumma, Mumma.....Mumma, Mumma.....MUMMA" on the baby monitor.  We come downstairs and it's "Mumma...ball?  Mumma...ball?  MUMMMMMMAAAAAA BALLLLLLLL" because apparently he has spotted a ball that has rolled under a bookcase and there can be no peace in the house until I am on my hands and knees digging under furniture unearthing any number of disgusting toys and stuff to locate the one ball that Ben has his eye on.

Then he will play and if I'm in the other room I always hear a questioning "Mumma?" until I reassure him that I have not, in fact, run off and left him alone in the house.  Then he will get himself all wound up and he'll come running at me "MUMMMA, MUMMA, MUMMMMA" until I say "WHAT?" and then he will put his hands on his hips, lean towards me and pucker up and make kissy faces at me until I laugh and then race back to the other side of the house laughing at himself.  Does he have to be so dang cute all the time??


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