Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Fun Website!

So yesterday I came across the website  It appears to be the perfect website for me.  Basically, you set up an account, select your favorite genres, and rate books you've already read.  Once you have rated a big group of books, the website generates recommendations based on what you liked.


I'm always trying to figure out what to read and just looking at bookshelves in stores or the library can be overwhelming and time consuming.  While not every book the site recommended to me looks like something I would enjoy, it suggested quite a few that I'd forgotten I wanted to read, and many others that do look enjoyable.  And since the site saves my list of "To Reads" and "Recommendations", anytime I find myself in need of a recommendation I can just log in to my account and find something that appeals to me, and is available at the library.


I'm so excited to find this site.  So excited.  And while it will never be as good as, or as thoughtful as recommendations from friends and family that know me, this will be a wonderful tool when I'm in a pinch, and an even better tool for keeping my "to read" list organized.

Woohoo!  Bring on the books!!

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