Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not Very Crafty...

Plan:  Get Ben up from his nap, trace his hand onto some felt, cut it out, decorate it with googly eyes and ribbon and make a cute Christmas ornament for Auntie Kelsey.

Reality:  Get Ben up from nap, trace his hand onto some felt, discover that scissors can't cut felt, find new scissors, discover Ben would rather eat glue than touch glue, glue the googly eyes myself, discover that glue does not stick to felt, force glue and felt to form an unwholesome chemical bond, watch googly eyes fall off anyway, attach ribbon with glue, watch it fall off, attempt to punch a hole in felt to tie ribbon through, jam hole punch, rip felt ornament trying to un-jam hole punch, throw crafts away.

No, I'm NOT Martha Stewart.

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