Saturday, December 3, 2011

Polar Express!

Choo Choo!!!  Last night we took Ben on the Polar Express at Portland's Narrow Gauge Railroad.  I got the tickets a few weeks ago for 50% off, and was really excited about kicking off the Holiday season with a train ride.  Since this is Ben's first Christmas as a walking, talking, kiddo, I've been eager to get him involved in festive things so he can start to get excited!  And boy was he excited!

We met my mom at the train station and had a few minutes to play on the little wooden train inside.  For a kid who doesn't spend a lot of time around other kids, Ben did a really nice job playing, and didn't kick, punch or push any of the other little kids (phew!).

We boarded the train (coach tickets, we're not classy enough for first class) and found a seat on a not-too-packed car.  The Christmas music was blasting through the speakers and Ben was in heaven.  He had his coat off and was bouncing up and down within minutes.  I asked him if he was excited and he threw his arms in the air and went YAAAAAYYY!!! 

The train started to move but after only a few minutes we had a stop and were boarded by "elves" who brought us chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa.  Yum yum!  The conductors passed through collecting our tickets and gave the kiddos special golden tickets.  After the tickets were punched, the elves moved through with special jingle bells for everyone.  When the train started moving again, Chris Van Allsburg's The Polar Express was read to us through the speakers and we listened and ate and jingled our bells until the train stopped again at the North Pole and was boarded by Santa Claus!

Santa made his way through all the cars giving hugs to all the kids and wishing them a Merry Christmas.  Then Santa said his goodbyes and the train chugged back to the station.

It was short and sweet but very exciting to all the little kids on the train.  For an evening adventure with an almost two year old, it was perfect. 

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