Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Thursday

I woke up this morning determined to make scones.  I love making or baking a delicious breakfast, but most mornings it just doesn't happen.  Even on the weekend.  But today I wanted some scones.  And not even the giant stack of dirty dishes was going to stop me.

The scones came out of the oven and, despite doubling the amount of dirty dishes needing to be washed, I sat down happily to enjoy one.  Then Ben came over to investigate.

"Mom?  Bite?  Mom?  Me Bite?"

So I give him a bite.

"Mmmmm.  That good.  That good bite."

Then silence and a determined look.

"Ben, are you pooping?"


Sometimes being a mom means you eat your delicious homemade scone while your kid poops and begs for more of your scone.

Happy Thursday...

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