Friday, March 23, 2012

Movie Date!!!

Do you remember me raving about The Hunger Games series?  I raved, because it was awesome.  And now The Hunger Games movie is out and I'm SUPER excited to go see it.  (Envision me bouncing in my chair right now, because that's what I'm doing.)

I think I would be really excited to see this movie regardless of who I was going to see it with, BUT, I'm lucky enough to be going to see this one with my friend Rachel and that just has me doubly excited.  Shortly after graduating high school we confessed to each other a mutual Harry Potter obsession.  Since then we have read the remaining books (sort of) together (I read way too fast for anyone to actually keep pace with me) and seen all the remaining movies together.  When the final Harry Potter movie came out I know I was equally as excited and crushed that we'd made it to the end.  It was nice to have an implied movie date with a good friend and the end of that was very, very sad.

Until we discussed how AMAZING The Hunger Games was.  A new movie date was born.  (Seriously, I'm bouncing in my desk chair, I'm so excited!)  I hope the movie is good.  I know it won't be as good as the book.  That's a given.  But even if it is the WORST movie of 2012, I'm still going to be so excited to see the next one because it means an automatic movie date with my friend.

Plus she brings the gummy bears.

Oh my god, this is going to be great!!!!

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