Monday, April 30, 2012

What a Monday!

Phew!  What a day!  It started out CRAZY, but ended up being quite productive!

I woke up this morning to the rather alarming smell of smoke.  After enough sniffing and wondering what was going on, I dragged myself out of bed to check on the pellet stove.  The house was not on fire, but due to an electrical problem we're having with the outlet the stove plugs into, the power had been cut to the stove earlier in the morning while it was running, causing smoke to back up into the house.  Lovely.  (The windows are STILL open, and it STILL smells like a bonfire in here. Yuck.)

I got ready for my busy day of appointments while Ben was still sleeping...then got a zillion other things done...while Ben was still sleeping.  Finally at 9:00 I went in to WAKE Ben up so we wouldn't be late.  And as Murphy's Law suggests, today would be the morning when Ben would wake up with COMPLETE DIAPER FAILURE.  Ugh.  Needless to say the kid got plopped into the tub...which we did NOT have time for, and he was NOT happy about. 

After shoveling a bowl of Cheerios into his mouth and rushing out the door, I discovered that the air in my back tire was low.  Low enough that I wasn't driving on it.  So I had to fill my tire before leaving the house, after which we raced to Ben's daycare and dropped him off for a day of play.  I then HAULED it to Portland for my dentist appointment.  Half way there I remembered that they had left a message last week which I assumed was a confirmation call and had never actually listened to.  While I was driving I figured I'd just "check" my voicemail.  Again, Murphy's Law.  My appointment had been rescheduled.  UGH.

It ended up being for the best as I needed to apply for a car loan at my Credit Union in Portland.  So I stopped by Don's office and picked up his car (which had an ACTUAL flat tire that needed to be replaced) in hopes of scooting over to the tire place after applying for the car loan.

I successfully applied for and was even approved for the car loan!  (YAY!!!  New car later this week!)  After that speedy appointment I drove (or crawled it would seem) down Forest Avenue to the tire place we usually go to.  They usually have used tires there (which I was looking for to replace my flat tire, since the other tires are still all fine) but of course, that damn Murphy's Law got me once again.  No used tires.  And I'm pretty cheap.  Cheap enough that I wasn't about to spend $90 on a brand new tire when I don't actually NEED a brand new tire.  And since I couldn't take Don's car on the highway with a was back down Forest Ave I went to get my car from Don's office.

So I raced my car down the highway to Wells for an appointment at York County Community College.  Despite the fact that my car is about to be junked, it still sailed along pretty nicely at 80 mph!  (Yes I speed, and No, I haven't been caught yet.)  I made it to the appointment on time and was accepted to YCCC.  Thanks to my BA degree from USM, I had instant admission and I knocked seven classes off my to do list.  The advisor I met with even signed me up for a $1,000 scholarship.  Yes to free money!!

So after a few more stops for groceries and electrical supplies (no desire to wake up to that much smoke again!) I picked up Ben from daycare, where I know he didn't even miss me the tiniest bit, and came home to cook dinner, finish the laundry and fill out applications for YCCC Admissions and Financial Aid.  Now that all of that's done, I think I'm going to sit on my butt for a while and read a book.  Pretty sure I've earned it!

Here's to a much, much, MUCH, less eventful Tuesday....

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