Monday, March 14, 2011

The Consequences of Farting on Pillows

Have I mentioned I'm a stepmother? Well, I am. And not to a couple of cute little kiddos that come to visit every other weekend. They're teenage boys, and they live here. Don't get me wrong, I love them. I've been living with them now for six and a half years (has it REALLY been that long??) and we get along really well. I've learned A LOT of lessons from them, like when to keep my mouth shut, that you can pass ground turkey off as ground beef and how to stand back and let them learn.

Sure, we've had plenty of arguments, but we have always been able to work our way through them. And I've had lots of moments that truly melt my heart, like when one stepson called me from his grandmother's house to thank me for staying up late and making him notes to help with his homework. Then there are the funny moments, like when mid-flight one of them looked over at me and said he was looking forward to going down the slide when we got out of the plane. Yes, he really thought that was the only way you got out of an airplane.

Tonight we had a funny moment, when one stepson looked at my son and told him to "fart on Daddy's pillow and give him pinkeye." Really?!?!? This is apparently a condition that my husband and I were uninformed about. Fortunately, we have now been educated (while we were rolling on the floor laughing) that pinkeye comes from farts on pillows. Thank goodness for teenagers, I may never have known the consequences of farting on pillows.

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