Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teething Bites

Dammit! I'm not doing so well with my blog this month. It's been very hard to find time to sit down to write, which was exactly what I was afraid was going to happen when I started my blog. But, I'm sitting down now and I'm going to tap out a few words before a certain someone decides to start screaming again.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I hate teething. HATE. And I might just punch the next person that says "Oh, I never had a problem with it, my kids didn't seem bothered at all." Don't say I didn't warn you. My son is NOT ok with teething. I had read that once the first few teeth come in they get used to the sensation and it bothers them less. Wrong. Ben has 8 teeth right now and I swear for each tooth we must have lost at least a week of sleep. He is currently cutting four molars, and while I have to admit he's not as bad at night, he's still driving me NUTS. He's overtired and not sleeping well, which has turned him into a whiney, screechy, nutball. Combine that with the fact that I am slammed with bookkeeping work right now and you can probably conclude why I have been so negligent in my blogging. Never mind the fact that I wanted to start some creative writing as well. I'm just going to throw that out the window until all four molars are in, and possibly those stupid canines too!

On the positive side, my lovely son has decided that books are his favorite toys. He constantly empties the bookcases and carries them around the house. And not his baby books with the bright colors. My books. I can usually find him sitting on the dog bed or next to the shoes "reading" Nicholas Sparks or Jane Austen or even Margaret Mitchell. As much as it drives me nuts to have books all over the house, I continue to let him carry them around because I want him to love books as much as I do.

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