Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day.  The last few days, as mother's day has been approaching, I've spent a lot of time reflecting.  Mostly on my journey to becoming a mother, and how lucky I am right now to have such an amazing son.  A few years ago the approach of mother's day would make me miserable.  Try as we might, a baby was just not happening for us.  Every year my husband and stepsons would wish me a Happy Step-Mother's Day, and I'd smile, and say thank you, but inside, I just hurt.  Wanting a child and not being to have one is a horrible feeling.  Knowing that "money" is prohibiting you from becoming a parent, is worse.  Mother's Day sucked.

Then I had Ben.  And I am so amazingly thankful that he is here, that he is healthy and brilliant and that he loves me.  I know everyone loves their children, and is thankful for them in their own way, but there is just no way to appreciate how amazing a child is until you have spent years wanting and trying to get pregnant.

So today when I woke up and had Ben plunked down in bed next to me and he leaned over to give me a big, sloppy, open mouthed kiss, I was as happy as anyone can be.  I am so lucky to have him.  Just so lucky.

And since it's Mother's Day, I've also spent time thinking about all the other mothers in my life.  As blessed as I am to have Ben, I am also very lucky to have so many strong, smart, loving women in my life to show me how to be the best mother I can be.  So, Happy Mother's Day to Mom, Audrey, Pat, Cookie, Mary Ann, Nana, Grammie Sinclair, Grammy, Lydia and everyone else that shows me how to love my son and be the best mother I can be.

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

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