Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glorious Spring...

It is so pleasant to wake up to sunshine.  The sun is out, the house is warm, the birds are tweeting, yup, that's a great way to start the day.  I've got the windows open and a nice little breeze is blowing some fresh air in here...and the dogs are barking.  The down side to opening the windows.  The dogs feel the need to notify me of EVERY noise they hear coming through the open window.  The neighbor slams a car door, EMERGENCY.  A dog barks down the street, WATCH OUT.  A squirrel chatters in a nearby tree, SOUND THE ALARMS.  They drive me nuts.  Seriously nuts.

Now back to my praising of spring time:  With such nice weather, we've been able to go outside again, get the grill fired up, drive with the windows down....ynnnmjk oh nice, Ben wants to help lguyhhhhhhhhhh5/"p.ill me with my blog.  Nothing like trying to focus with a one year old bouncing on the couch and pushing all the buttons on /the laptop.+*/++

And I wonder why I can barely get eight blogs written a month...

Happy Spring!

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