Monday, July 11, 2011

A Week for My Inner Nerd

It's gonna be a good week.  Today, I'm going to spend all my time cleaning, working, cooking and, obviously, blogging, so that tomorrow I can spend as much of my day as possible reading.  Why?  Because tomorrow the very LONG awaited A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin will be available for purchase and I will be purchasing it and then immediately abandoning all responsibilities to lose myself in Westeros.

Do I consider myself a giant nerd for doing this?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not a bit.

I'm anticipating that this book, which is just over 1000 pages in length, should take me maybe 2 days to read.  Three, I suppose, if I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  (Fingers crossed that I've got the beginning of the week off.)  I am so excited.  I don't think I have been this excited since the release of the final Harry Potter book, for which I managed to convince Jake (a TEENAGER at the time) to accompany me to a midnight book release and then read aloud on the ride home.  And yes, I admit, if they did a midnight release for this book, I would likely be there, though probably not wearing a Stark of Winterfell t-shirt, I'm not THAT nerdy.

As if this excitement wasn't enough for the upcoming week, next Monday (which I'm including as part of this week because I want to) I've got a HOT DATE with my Harry Potter buddy Rachel to see the FINAL HARRY POTTER MOVIE.  Woohooo!  I'm prepared to laugh, to cry and then cry some more as we say goodbye to the voyage that was Harry Potter.

This week is going to be awesome!  Some days, I love being a nerd.

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