Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fun!

What an amazing autumn weekend!  The weather hasn't even felt like autumn, which makes it even more fun to be outside enjoying!  Friday my husband agreed to take the day off from work and we took Ben to the Fryeburg Fair!  Neither Don nor I had been in the last ten years or so, so we were excited to go as well.  It was especially enjoyable since we didn't have to deal with going on rides, playing games or even trying to fit in every activity or show.  We were able to walk around, enjoy some snacks, check out the animals and wait in line to play in the petting zoo.  The petting zoo was the highlight of the day, Ben got to pet and feed some goats, some baby goats, bunnies, chickens and sheep.  The goats were a bit aggressive and tended to plow him over in order to get some snacks, but it was still fun!

On Saturday, I took Ben to Grammy's house for the night.  While I was enjoying lunch with my mom and some friends Ben entertained himself with my mom's chickens and the toys she recently acquired for him.  The overstuffed mini-rocking chair was the highlight of his afternoon, and it now sits in our livingroom for Ben to read in.  While we were at Grammy's house, I snapped a few pictures of him playing in the leaves!  Fun fun!!!

Sunday we took Ben to the playground for a little while.  We are lucky enough to have two playgrounds just minutes from our house.  This one is about a 15 minute walk so we decided to enjoy yet another summer-like autumn day and walk to the playground! 

The best part about our weekend so far, is that it isn't over yet!  Monday's plans include a trip to Old Orchad Beach, so more fun for us!

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