Friday, October 28, 2011

Marcus Approved Music!

For years, it has been a known fact in this house that Don and I have terrible taste in music.  According to my stepsons anyway.  And while I can't vouch for Don (Guns N Roses doesn't really appeal to me either) I always found this ridiculous.  I have great taste in music.  I just happen to prefer music from the late 90s early 2000s.  Is that so wrong?  Doesn't everyone have a preference for the music they enjoyed in high school?  In any event, I've always maintained that the music I do enjoy from that time period is pretty dang good.

The other night I had my ipod on in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner.  I was listening to a playlist I made 5 years ago, and I still listen to frequently, that had some Chili Peppers, Weezer, Live, Tool, etc., on it.  Marcus was wandering in out of the kitchen while I cooked and every time would comment on what a "great song this is."  I rolled my eyes.  He concluded that at some point in time I have managed to "acquire" a good taste in music.  No, I informed him, you've finally managed to realize what GOOD music sounds like!  So I was quite flattered when he went into our itunes database to upload the songs from my playlist on to his ipod.

I may not be the "coolest" stepmom on the block, but I guess I can take a bit of solace knowing that my taste in music isn't entirely awful....though I must admit, he wasn't in the room when Salt n Peppa came on....seriously though, how can you NOT enjoy the song "Shoop"????

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