Monday, October 17, 2011

Mission Possible

My day started at 6:10 am when Don entered the bedroom and announced he needed to take my car to work today.

Me: Wha?  Why?
Don: (sigh) When I was outside last night I took my keys, phone and wallet out of my pocket and left them on the hood of Jake's car.  Then Jake drove to Hannaford.  I can't find any of it.
Me: Oh crap.

Do we have a spare set of keys for Don's car?  No.  So the ONLY set of keys we had were somewhere between our road and Hannaford.  Excellent.  Needless to say, I wasn't going back to sleep.  Before Don left for work he was able to find his cell phone with a flashlight.  No keys or wallet in sight.  When it got light enough,  I went for a short walk down the road with the baby monitor in my pocket.  Still nothing.

At this point, Don and I were pretty upset.  Replacing the stuff in the wallet would be a pain, but not impossible.  The missing keys....THAT would be a problem  (Yes I KNOW we should have spares but it's one of those things you think about every now and again and then you completely forget to do anything about it.)

Ben woke up at 8:30.  I packed him cheerios and raisins in a snack cup, and a cup of juice.  I bundled him up head to toe and we set off on a walk in hopes of finding the keys somewhere on the road.

Key Finding Attire

FORTUNATELY, we live just down from a very sharp s-curve.  FORTUNATELY Jake drives like a teenager.  His speed, plus the sharp corner caused the keys and wallet to go flying off the hood on the s-curve where I found them this morning, jumping up and down with cars trying to avoid us on the aforementioned dangerous s-curve.  Ben and I did avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic (not that there's a lot of that at 8:30 in the morning in Waterboro) and everything in the wallet was safe and sound.

Today I'm going to Walmart for a spare set of keys.



  1. OMG. I am sorry for your unfortunate morning yet happy for your accomplished mission. But I am laughing hysterically at the key-finding attire picture. Everything from his little dinosaur feet to his expression is absolutely precious. Thank you so much for this much appreciated break and laugh in my day. <3

  2. Where do I get a pair of those reptile
    slippers. I have a dear friend whose
    grandson is almost 3. He would love