Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My sister bought Ben finger paints for Christmas.  That's right, my sister is pure evil.  Is there anything messier than finger paints??  Ugh!  Today, I decided to let Ben mess around with them.

He's not a big fan of "slimy" things right now, and as a result I can't get him to eat anything with a sauce on it.  Needless to say, dipping his fingers in the finger paint didn't appeal to him.  But gooping giants globs onto his finger painting paint tools was a smashing success.

So smashing, in fact, that I'm fairly confident that his finger paintings probably won't be dry for a good two to three weeks.

Thanks to a very thoughtful Christmas gift from Auntie Rachel, Ben's clothes stayed clean due to his absolutely adorable owl apron.  It's seriously the cutest thing ever and was perfect for finger painting.

He created three original works of art in about fifteen minutes.  We then spent the next fifteen minutes cleaning up finger paint that was all over the dining room.  (Too bad Auntie Rachel didn't think to get mom an art apron too...) When he was finished, we busted out some crayons and stamps for a while and had some more fun. 

 It was a pretty great day!

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