Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Party!

Today was Ben's birthday party!  He's not two yet...we've got a couple more days...but we celebrated with cake, ice cream and friends today! 

Ben is very into Curious George right now.  We watch it on PBS and he gets VERY excited when it comes on.  We read Curious George books everyday and his new George shirts have become his favorites.  Needless to say, when it came time to plan his party, I thought we'd have some fun with George.  Ben was surprised by a GIANT George balloon, he had George decorations and the best Curious George cake ever!  (If I do say so myself!)  I'll probably post how I did it tomorrow, in case anyone is interested, or wants to try something similar with another character.

Fortunately, the birthday boy was in a pretty decent mood today.  His Papa (my dad) showed up nice and early and we got to spend some quality time chatting with him while I prepared and baked Ben's birthday pizzas.  Gramma and Grampa Rick and Gracie showed up a little while later and Ben attached himself to Gracie immediately.  She was a good sport all day and kept him well entertained!

Shortly after, Bumpa, Gram and Summer came by with Grammy and we dug into our pizzas!  A few minutes later, Cookie showed up and our guests were all together.  We enjoyed our lunch, watched Ben open some pretty awesome gifts and all had a piece of my homemade marble George cake.  (It actually broke my heart to have to cut it up.)  Our guests left after a bit and we are now home playing with little dude and his new toys!

It was a really sweet afternoon, and I'm grateful to everyone who came over to spend the afternoon with us.  What a wonderful way to celebrate my little man's second birthday!

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