Friday, September 16, 2011

My Garden...The Finale

Well, my garden is pretty much finished for the summer.  It was not the most productive garden in the world, but it did alright.  I certainly learned a lot for next year!  For starters, I will double the amount of green beans and peas I planted.  It ended up getting plenty of green beans, but it was so spread out, I only got to enjoy them with a few meals since it took days to save up enough to make a decent amount to cook.  The peas barely survived, I really only got a few to snack on.  But, Ben loved them, and I really like them, and I think I'd like to try again with more in hopes that even if a few plants die in the heat, a few others might survive.

My tomatoes actually did pretty well, aside from the fact that I could barely keep them upright.  I think I will plant a couple more next year since the spaghetti sauce I made was a hit with the family but I only had enough tomatoes to make one batch.  I will also invest in some heavy duty tomato cages!  The cherry tomatoes were Ben's favorite, he's been eating a few of those almost every day.  The cucumbers did alright...they are rather oddly shaped, but I think that's a common occurrence.  They still tasted good.  As for the rest of the plants, well, it was fun, but I don't think I will be doing carrots, cantaloupe or hot peppers again.

My plans for next year include adding at least one more square foot garden, possibly two, and adding zucchini and squash and beets to my list.  I think I will also try a variety of lettuces...perhaps a bit of arugula?  It's been fun, and pretty easy since I didn't have to battle much in the way of weeds or bugs.  Making my own dirt was worth the hassle and the investment since I spent zero hours weeding.

In a few more weeks I'll put the garden to bed for the winter, digging up a few herbs to see if I can get them to survive the winter in my bay window, and day dreaming about another crop of veggies next summer!

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