Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking a "Sick" Day

I woke up with a cold this morning.  Yuck.  I hate being sick.  But I do love excuses to do nothing but sit around and read, so I'm taking advantage.  So, on the pretense of "getting rest" and "speeding up my recovery," I'm going to plan on accomplishing nothing today aside from reading a few good books.  (Ok, by "nothing" I don't really mean nothing, I will still do the dishes, feed Ben and myself, prepare dinner, frost a cake and probably vacuum...but nothing aside from those things...unless I decide to take Ben to the playground.)

I started this morning by watching last night's episode of Glee.  (I know, that's not reading, but it is mindless and I enjoy it.)  It was pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  (Am I the only one that doesn't really care to watch them sing show tunes?)  After watching that, and getting Ben up, fed and dressed, I hunkered down on the couch to finish Lord John and the Private Matter.  It's a short novel (by short I mean like 300 pages) by Diana Gabaldon, authoress of the AMAZING Outlander series.  (Gonna say it because I have to: If you haven't read these books STOP what you are doing now and read them).  I like the Lord John books, but I don't love them, mainly because they are about Lord John, and not Jamie and Claire and I can't bring myself to "love" anything that is taking Ms. Gabaldon's attention away from Jamie and Claire.  (Yes, I know I have issues...but I'm pretty sure all her fans feel this way about Lord John.)  In any event, the books are pretty funny, well, considering they are mystery novels set in the 18th century featuring a closet homosexual in the rigid upper class, they're pretty funny.  I only started reading this one because I finished The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (AMAZING) and the next book isn't available from the library until the END of OCTOBER.  I needed something quick, something light, and since Diana Gabaldon will be publishing another Lord John book this fall, I figured now would be a good time to catch up on good old Lord John in preparation for his next book, which, fortunately, features Jamie.  (Yay!)

So that's my plan for today.  Start another Lord John book, do some household chores, and hopefully shake this stupid cold.  I can hear the couch calling me now....

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