Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Before...

So I made the decision to redo our upstairs bathroom this spring. When we bought our house it was an abandoned foreclosure that had not been properly winterized.  As a result, the pipes had frozen and burst and the house was pretty dirty.  Fortunately, those were pretty easy fixes.  Before we moved in we did a quick re-paint of the entire house, ceilings and all.  When I did the upstairs bathroom I took the easiest route and painted it the same color as the bathroom in our old house so everything I brought over would match.  Which was all well and good, but I'm ready for a change.

The upstairs bathroom had a ceiling leak after we moved in that we have since repaired, but unfortunately messed up our nicely painted ceiling.  It also appears that the ceiling paint we used was not mildew resistant.  So I'm repainting the ceiling.  The linoleum on the floor is pretty scuffed up and is peeling back next to the bathtub due to some water damage.  So I'm going to replace the floors.  The window in the bathroom suffered some water damage and the stain has worn off.  So I'm painting all the trim in the bathroom white.  The heat duct cover suffered some major rust prior to us moving it.  So I'm painting that as well.  There's no light over the bathroom sink.  So I bought one.

It sounds like a pretty elaborate project, and I'm pretty sure it will be.  It also sounds like it could be pretty expensive, but I'm hoping it won't be.  I'm hoping it will be a pretty easy project, because I'm going to do most of it myself.  This should be pretty interesting!

Here are the before pictures:

Wow.  My bathroom is seriously ugly.  These pictures make it look gross.  I hope the "After" pictures look nice...

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