Sunday, November 11, 2012


Despite being an overall productive day, yesterday was also one of "those" days where it seemed every time I turned around disaster was striking!

I got up and made a batch of ricotta scones for breakfast.  I was almost out of cinnamon so I ended up making them "chai spiced" with a little ginger, cardamom and vanilla.  They were very yummy.  Unfortunately, I left them on the stove to cool and completely forgot about them until I was about half way through my shower.  Which, coincidentally, was roughly the same time that the dog remembered I made a batch of scones and left them on the stove.  When I finally ran downstairs to check, Max was mid-bite and there was only one left on the pan.  Bummer.

Later in the morning I sat down to work on homework.  I was able to get all of my assignments finished for next week and even wrote my speech due next Saturday.  Success!  Until I walked away from the computer for a minute to fold laundry and the cat took a flying leap onto the computer table knocking my tea all across the laptop keyboard.

I quickly grabbed the laptop and shut it down and dumped all the tea off the keyboard (it's never a fun sight to see water pouring out of your computer).  I dried it with a towel as best I could and then went straight to the bathroom where I gently used my hair dryer to dry the keys.  (FYI: After I did this Don googled what to do when you get water on your're not supposed to blow dry it...oops.)  We let it sit overnight to finish air drying and (fortunately) it appears to be working fine today.  The keys are a bit sticky (good thing it was tea not soda!) but it seems to be functioning fine, which is both a blessing and a curse.  It's good that we don't have to shell out money for a new laptop right now...but I HATE this laptop with a passion and would have loved the excuse to buy a new one!

Needless to say, I'm glad today was a bit of an improvement.  No major catastrophes...aside from a two year old that keeps "forgetting" to pee on the potty.  Unfortunately I'm back to work tomorrow, long weekends I guess aren't in the cards for me anytime soon.  Oh well, at least at work I won't have to deal with pee!  Hopefully...

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