Friday, November 2, 2012

My Scary Pumpkin!

Halloween was Wednesday and Ben did a little trick-or-treating!  For the last month he had decided that he was going to be a Scary Pumpkin for Halloween.  I was sure he'd want to be a train or a race car, but nope, pumpkin it was.  No complaints, a pumpkin costume is waaaay easier to assemble than a train!

I decided once again to take a stab at making his costume instead of buying one.  Until he reaches the age where he has to have a certain costume to look like his friends, I'm going to try to make his costumes.  It's way more fun, and I get to pretend I'm super mom.

So, for Scary Pumpkin I bought an orange t-shirt a few sizes too large.  I opened up the hem at the bottom and threaded a string through so it would have a drawstring to tighten.  I bought black iron on patch material and cut out "scary" eyes, nose and mouth.  Because I'm a slacker, I actually ironed it all together Tuesday night at 9:00 after accounting class with my iron plugged into the generator.  Ooops.  I picked him up black leggings (FYI-no one makes green leggings) and a little pumpkin flashlight and treat bag.  His grandmother had knit him a pumpkin hat when he was an infant and fortunately his big old noggin still fit in it.  I also scored some pretty adorable jack-o-lantern galoshes at TJ Maxx on clearance to complete the ensemble.

The end result was pretty damn adorable!


We got our power back about 10 minutes before we left to go trick-or-treating so I was able to snap a picture in the light! 

The nice thing about taking an almost-three-year-old trick-or-treating is that he has no idea what to expect.  As a result, we were able to walk to the six houses right next to us and he thought he made an amazing candy haul.  He had such a good time and said "trick-or-treat" at every house we visited and "thank you" which is pretty awesome for a two year old!  After we had been to two houses he was marching down the road holding my hand and said "Mom, I love you!"  What a goober!  He had such a good time!

The "Big" Haul

Yeah, that's a full size Hershey's bar.  And Yeah, Mom's going to eat it.

His Halloween Treat: Nerds.
Yup, I have the cutest kid ever.

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