Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Say No to Scurvy

Jake came home today for Thanksgiving Break.  What, exactly, he's taking a break from, I'm not really sure, but he's here, he's staying to eat turkey, and that sounds good to me.

He actually just came home the weekend before last for a quick hello.  He had a friend drop him off while we were grocery shopping and, being responsible parents, we offered to buy him some groceries to take home with him.

It was going fine, we picked up a pack of macaroni and cheese, some snacks and pasta, nothing elaborate.  Then we walked through the taco aisle. 

Me: "Would you like some taco stuff?"
Jake: "Ummm, yeah, I think we're out of taco stuff.  That's what we cook when we eat real food."

Oh dear. 

If he's living in a house where tacos equate home cooking we have a bit of a problem.  Don and I both shook our heads and beelined it to the fruits and veggies.  We sent him home with a bag of apples, fruit cups, baby carrots and salad mix.  We gave him a bag of potatoes (who knows if he will figure those out) and a box of minute rice.  It wasn't an amazing selection of food, but who knows when he last ate a vegetable.  Argh!!!

I swear I've tried to teach them both to cook!  I guess I've still got some work to do....

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