Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Cakes

Mmmmmm, chocolate cake.  I'm starting to get really tired of all these days of feeling angry/sad/apprehensive/frustrated.  Which is why I'm glad I have some chocolate cake.  I'm kind of an addict when it comes to cake.  I love cake.  Any type of cake (except carrot...because who puts vegetables in a cake?) any type of frosting.  If it's cake-I'm in.

When I was pregnant my only consistent craving was cake.  Every stop at the grocery store would find me drooling in the bakery section over the individual slices of cake.  And I admit it, I ate my fair share of grocery store cake slices.  Sure they aren't as tasty, and they're really sweet...but cake is cake.

Which is why I love birthdays so much.  This year I scored two different birthday cakes.  Coconut cream, from my stepmother, and chocolate decadent from my mom. Double yum....

Coconut Cream Cake is a lovely double layered yellow cake with coconut folded into the batter, frosted with an amazingly fluffy whipped cream frosting with, obviously, coconut folded in.  A little more coconut dusts the top of the cake and it's a seriously amazing cake.  I'm not even a huge coconut fan, but this cake is outstanding.  Moist and dense cake with the lightest, prettiest, fluffiest frosting ever.  It's soooo amazing.

Chocolate Decadent Cake is my mom's master piece.  She's been making it for years upon years and has it perfected.  It's an extremely dense and rich chocolate cake with a thick, fudgey chocolate glaze on top.  It's so rich you can only eat tiny slices...but they are tiny slices of heaven.  She makes it only for special occasions, or as a gift for someone.  It's rare to score a whole cake from her, and yet I scored one for birthday number 28.  Go me!

The coconut cake is nearly gone, but I've still got half a chocolate cake left.  I think it'll get me through the next few days...ahhhh...chocolate cake....

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