Friday, November 11, 2011

Well I'm Ready for Bed!

It's almost eleven, and I'm beat.  I started my morning with a little yoga, had breakfast with Ben and Don and then we piled into the car to run errands.  And while I usually enjoy my weekly shopping trips, the stores were packed today and between fighting through the mobs of people and the whiny child we were dragging along, it was pretty trying on the patience.

Coming home to discover that the dogs decided to eat Ben's toys, pee on the floor, and burst an ink pen on the couch really didn't add to the afternoon.  And after being home for about 45 minutes, I was back out the door heading to work where we were surprisingly busy.  I showed off my amazing bartending skills (aka I pour Captain and Cokes all night) and ran around for several hours doing everything from washing dishes to pouring drinks.

Now that I'm finally home, and sitting down, I'm just going to spend the next few minutes watching the clock so I can say I was there for 11:11 11/11/11.  It's not much of a Friday night, but after the day I've had, it's just going to have to do.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit more inspiring...

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