Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Quite a Big Boy Yet...

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to start potty training my child.  This idea was equally as brilliant as putting up the Christmas lights last weekend (see results here).

I thought since Ben now notifies me when he poops that he might possibly notify me before he goes so he could use the potty instead.  Two wet pairs of underpants and socks later, I have concluded that Ben cannot tell me that he needs to pee.

Today, while folding the laundry, Ben spyed his now clean underpants and immediately started stripping down for another go at potty training.  I was thinking that this time,  if I just sat with him on the potty longer he might accidentally pee on it.  Nope.  One episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates later (not a great show by the way) no pee.  Five minutes later on the dining room floor, pee.

So I think we're going to give up for now and try again in a few weeks.  When someone doesn't just say "No Mumma, No Pee" just to placate me.

But he does look mighty cute in his monkey underoos....

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  1. The "see results here" was deceiving...I was hoping for a picture :)