Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Musical Night Out

Chorus concert tonight!  It's been a long time since we've had an extracurricular activity to attend, so tonight's chorus concert caught us off guard.  For his fine arts credit, Marcus decided to take chorus despite the fact that he's not known for his harmonious vocals.  I give him credit for getting all dressed up, participating in the concert and even doing the sign language accompaniment to "Imagine."  (Oh yeah, it was that type of concert.)  I'm pretty sure it won't be on his list of top ten awesome moments from high school...but it was nice time nonetheless.

Getting to the concert, well, that was nothing short of miraculous.  I knew the concert was at seven.  I did not know, until 4:30, that Marcus had to be there at six.  And not just at six, but before six.  So at 4:30, Marcus shows up at the house with pants that need to be hemmed and a shirt that needs to be ironed.  Ben is naked, and obviously needs to be clothed and fed before the concert.  And speaking of fed, I had to make something for dinner.

Because I'm super stepmom, the pants were hemmed, the shirt ironed, the baby fed and dressed and dinner was out of the oven just in time for Marcus to inhale a bowl of food before we ran out the door...and arrived at the school two minutes early.

And because I am so amazing, I managed to get my grocery shopping done during the hour between dropping Marcus off and the concert.

So we had a nice family outing listening to the sweet sounds of the Massabesic music program.  A note to other parents of almost two year olds attending music concerts:  bring two boxes of raisins, one just doesn't cut it.

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