Monday, November 28, 2011

Thin Ice

My dog is walking on thin ice.  Seriously thin the ice I saw on the lake the other day...very, very thin...

She has taken up a new habit of peeing on the floor when she is mad at me.

I'm not enjoying it.

I think her problem is that she's jealous of Ben.  When I leave the house with Ben, she pees.  When I go upstairs and lock the baby gate so she can't join us, she pees.

And it's not just that she pees.  She pees on Ben's toys.  Which is a thousand times more annoying than just peeing on the floor.  Today I had to wash half a train set, a blankie, and the sit-n-spin because she peed on them.


She has about a million other annoying traits, including, but not limited to, barking during nap time. Our next step with her is actually to attempt prozac-ing the bejeezes out of her in hopes that her separation anxiety and stranger fears will calm down some.  She's extremely high maintenance and has some serious issues...but she is my dog, and I do love her.  It's not entirely her fault that she was hit by a car and has since become a nutcase...

But in the mean time...she's driving me BONKERS peeing on the floor.  BONKERS!!!!

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