Thursday, November 17, 2011

One of Those Days...

Do you ever have those days when you have a list of about 400 things to do and you think, "Boy, this is gonna be a busy day,"  then you remember you have an almost-two-year-old and you cross half the things off the list because they're just going to be impossible, and then you hope you can get through half of your remaining list?  That's the kind of day I'm having.

My husband and I are throwing a 40th Anniversay Party for his parents tomorrow night.  And while I say my husband and I are doing it, I really mean I'm doing all the cooking, preparing, decorating and organizing while he "oks" things.  So I'm pretty busy.

And Ben has chosen the last two days to want to spend every second on my lap and "helping" me with things that really require no help.  I love the kid, and I love snuggling, but for pete's sake!  I've got a party for 50 people tomorrow and Mumma needs to get some things done!

Tomorrow night hopefully I can post a few pictures after the party and tell you how amazing everything turned out.  Or perhaps I will post a few pictures of the disasterous events and rant about how I'm never throwing another party again.  It could go either way....

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